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Due to the current situation related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we can no longer cooperate either economically or for moral reasons with teams, players and contractors located on the territory of the Russian Federation.We gave 3 years for the development of e-sports in the Standoff2 game. During this time, we gave the community the first studio broadcasts, the first cash prizes, high-quality production, the first LAN in the history of this game. We never asked the developers for anything out of the ordinary, in return we received the cowardly silence of the AXLEBOLT studio management, who did not bother to publicly state their position on a bloody war. 

Unfortunately, they were not motivated to do this by the fact that hundreds of thousands of their users live and now suffer in Ukraine. But the fortitude was not enough even for three words - "WE ARE FOR THE PEACE." What humanity and the whole world saw yesterday in the cities of Bucha and Irpen will never be forgotten or forgiven, but unfortunately, even after yesterday's events, the AXLEBOLT management is cowardly silent for the sake of the audience and earnings.In view of all this, we officially cease to cooperate with the game Standoff 2 .Regarding our previous tournaments:- despite the complexity of the situation in the world, we are systematically working to close all prize and financial obligations to the teams and participants of our tournaments. And in the near future we will report for the fulfillment of all our obligations. We keep in touch with all winning teams and players.- despite the complexity of the situation, all financial obligations to UMESA employees located in the Russian Federation and Belarus will be fulfilled in the near future.As for our future work.We continue to develop eSports, but in other regions and in other disciplines.And in the near future we will announce the list of games that will host the global charity tournament CUP OF THE PEACE, which will end in May 2022 
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