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About UMESA Mobile e-Sports Association

Mobile e-Sports has existed before but at an amateur level. At first, the players invested own little money in their tournaments for a particular game. Over time, more professional organizers began to appear.
So, in February 2019, Ukraine registered the first international Association of Mobile Esports UMESA (UNITED MOBILE ESPORTS ASSOCIATION) in the world. Its founders were residents of the city of Dnipro (Ukraine) - Arsen Voityuk (Head of the Board), Shlykov Roman (Member of the Board), Dmitry Voshchina (Corporate executive).

The Association set a goal to develop and popularize mobile e-Sports in Ukraine and worldwide, increase the popularity of this sport among all segments of the people. Also, the Association introduces recreational, amateur, sports, cultural, educational, scientific and educational activities in the field of mobile e-Sports, along with introducing and the implementation of sports, rehabilitation and social programs for disabled people. It attracts children, youths and adults to engage in mobile e-Sports, help to increase the level of e-Sports in place based on consolidation and coordination of the efforts of individuals and organizations interested in its development.

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Development, implementation, and realization of programs for the promotion of mobile Esports, the growth and conduct of high-quality tournaments, championships in Esports disciplines online and LAN

Main goals

The implementation of a single criterion for protecting the rights of Esportsmen concerning Esports organizations and developers within the framework of the International Law on the Protection of the Rights of Consumers of Services.

Promoting the establishment and development of cooperation and fruitful interaction between members of the Association, ensuring the implementation of their single common policy on the development of mobile Esports.

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We cooperate only with top regional and global esports commentators

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Thanks from Рartners

Huawei Tech Company LLC expresses its gratitude to the UMESA team for assistance in the preparation and holding of the eSports tournament «STARS GALLERY CHALLENGE: Powered by AppGallery» We were happy to host such a tournament and we want to note the high professionalism and responsiveness team. as well as the ability to resolve emerging issues in a timely manner. ,The development of the AppGallery service directly depends on effective cooperation with partners We believe in teamwork and look forward to  implement new inspiring projects together.

We have all the necessary production for our exclusive awards series of our tournaments - GLOBAL PRO LEAGUE

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